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Our Story

While you may know what we're all about, you may not know where we've come from or how we got here.

Started from the bottom...

TFC was founded by former country artist, turned industry veteran, Billie-Jo Aasen, who built her first festival at just 24 years old. It all started with a dream of one festival, having raving fans that return year after year, and who live off of shared values and form lifelong bonds over their love of music.

The truth is – it was harder than I thought!” said Billie.

From that first festival experience, Billie was hooked, but not on the thrill of the festival, on something much more: The challenge of creating the ultimate festival company, which would serve other dreamers like her by helping navigate the waters of a major event and the overwhelming complexities of the entertainment world.

Welcome to The Festival Company

We may operate in the entertainment business, but we are in the hospitality and service business to our core. Our goal is to elevate experience, one fan at a time, while making it a priority to leave an impact in the communities we serve. Our events will always be accessible to people with all levels of ability, we will always allow kids, we will always give local artists an opportunity to shine on our stages and we will always give back to the community. Music heals in more ways than one and our mission is to ensure everyone can be touched by it.

Billie Jo AasenFounder